Louie the Pirate Chef

Louie the Pirate Chef
All Louie can think about is food, but Captain Blackheart and his fearsome band of pirates are more interested in looting, plundering and shouting ‘Arrr!’ a lot. Until one day the whole crew is stranded on a tropical island with nothing to eat…

Simon Mitchell
Simon Mitchell is an award-winning children’s author from Canberra, Australia. He writes stories for young people that are fast-paced, funny and often a little bit quirky. 

Simon’s first picture book, Louie the Pirate Chef, was awarded a place in the International Youth Library’s prestigious White Ravens Catalogue. Since then he has published another picture book and several extremely popular junior novels. His most recent novel is The Fighting Stingrays, which won the NSW Premier’s Young People’s History Prize in 2018.

Author: Simon Mitchell
ISBN: 9781921504235
Format: Picture book, paperback, 32 pages
Publisher: Working Title Press imprint

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