Real Pigeons Duck Trouble (Book 9) – Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood

Real Pigeons Spy High (Book 8) – Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood

Real Pigeons Duck Trouble (Book 9)

The Real Pigeons are amazing crime-fighters. So when they team up with some HUMAN SECRET AGENTS they think they’ll be unbeatable!

But then a strange MUTANT goes on a rampage. POCKETS start mysteriously vanishing from pants and jackets. And someone raises a terrifying army of ZOMPIGEONS

Worst of all – the agents have a SECRET of their own. And it’s going to get our heroes into terrible TROUBLE … the kind they can’t easily DUCK!

Andrew McDonald
Andrew McDonald is the author of the bestselling Real Pigeons junior fiction series. He loves writing stories that make kids laugh, wonder and leap into the air with surprise. His books have been shortlisted for the Readings Children’s Book Prize and the Australian Book Industry Awards.

Andrew is a regular presenter on the schools circuit, where he conducts writing workshops, talks about his life as an author and inspires kids to read, write, draw and be creative. Andrew lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Author: Andrew McDonald
ISBN: 9781760506872
Format: Junior fiction, paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: hardie-grant-childrens-publishing
Website: Real Pigeons

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