Redcap’s Christmas

Redcap’s Christmas
This is the story of an elf named Redcap. He wants to work at Santa’s Workshop.
More than that, he wants to meet Santa. He knows he’ll have to work hard and think hard if he wants his dream to come true.

Sadly, his new friend Jellybean is of no help at all. Come with Redcap to the North Pole in the hectic week before Christmas. See if he gets his wish.

Sue Cason
Sue Cason is a former infants’ teacher turned author with 18 fiction titles and 14 in teachers’ resources (literacy) published. Her publications include The Pirate Company and The Thunder Egg Thief.

Author: Sue Cason
ISBN: 9781742990217
Format: Junior fiction, hardback, 120 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Australia

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